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When downtown Boston real estate for sale listings are listed on the market. Boston real estate brokers are required to put some measurements in the MLS. If you read the fine print it says right in the Multi-Listing Service that the information provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Boston Real Estate: Trust but Verify

I recommended that buyers agents verify the measurements. Personally, if I were buying a high-rise luxury condo, I would take the measurements of each room and verify it myself.

Several years ago some clients of mine took measurements of the Beacon Hill condo for sale they made an offer on during the inspection. It was smaller than advertised by 200 square feet.

They withdrew their offer which is kind of unusual. Apparently, they didn’t like the Beacon Hill condo enough to negotiate a lower price.

Appraiser to determine the real estate value

When buyers use financing to buy a house the buyer’s lender sends an appraiser to determine the value of the Boston condo for sale. The size of the condominium does matter when determining the value.

Finished square footage is where the floor, ceiling, and walls are finished but if a person has to walk through an unfinished space to get to it we don’t count it.

Downtown Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

I once measured my own Boston condo for practice. I can out with about 20 more finished square feet than what was on the appraisal. We call that REALTOR math.


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Updated:  2020

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