Everyone was up in arms about this,

yesterday.  I think all of the reporters miss an important point (although I haven’t thought

this through, yet) – How is a lower number of home starts a "good" thing?  There are

so many buyers waiting to buy, right now.  Lowering the number of potential homes for sale

ain’t gonna help them much, now, is it?  I mean, (one of the reasons) the Back Bay and South

End are so expensive is because there’s such a limited supply, and you can’t build


Home Starts fall an alarming 17.6%
By Braden Keil

Construction of new homes in

the U.S. plunged an unexpected 17.6 percent in March, the largest drop in more than 14 years and

potentially a huge blow to the booming U.S. housing market.

The new Commerce

Department figures also showed permits for future groundbreaking activity for both single-family

and multi-family homes, an indicator of builder confidence, fell more than


The 1.837 million-unit seasonally adjusted rate is down from an upwardly

revised 2.229 million-unit pace in February, the Commerce Department said


Prior to the release of the numbers, Wall Street analysts had

forecast a much smaller slide of 4.8 percent in March.

Among the falling

numbers, the sharpest drop of 29.3 percent came from the Midwest, followed by declines of 18

percent in the South, and 12.7 percent in the Western states. The Northeast, meanwhile, fell a

relatively moderate 3.6 percent.

"This is a bit of a shocker," said

David Seiders, chief economist for the National Association of Home Builders.

Complete article: Home Starts fall an alarming 17.6% (nypost.com)

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