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In the market to ROCK OUT!? is reporting that a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment is available in the ol’ Physical Graffiti building.

The Physical Graffiti building? Yep, the one on the cover of Led Zeppelin’s double-album, Physical Graffiti.

(Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

I don’t even have to see the inside to know I want to live there! (It’s located on (at?) St. Marks Place, at 8th Street.)

Actually, that isn’t even the most interesting part of the story.

Buried in the Wikipedia entry about Physical Graffiti, it talks about an instrument known as a “mellotron”. I had never heard of it! (Maybe I should stick with my 80’s synth-pop groups. They never dealt with anything as sophisticated as a mellotron. Or a guitar. Or a drum.)

(T)he signature track “Kashmir” … slowly builds to a crescendo and includes symphonic backing (arranged and played by Jones on a mellotron in concerts, and played by an actual orchestra on the studio recording).

(This is the instrument you hear in the middle of “Rain Song” on “Houses of the Holy” that sounds like a violin section is playing (a bit warbly, I always thought – this explains why).)

From Wikipedia:

The Mellotron is an electromechanical polyphonic keyboard musical instrument originally developed and built in Birmingham, England in the early 1960s.

The Mellotron, (along with its direct ancestor the Chamberlin), was in effect the world’s first sample-playback keyboard. The heart of the instrument is a bank of parallel linear (not looped) strips of magnetic tape, each with approximately eight seconds of playing time; playback heads underneath (but not directly underneath) each key enable performers to play the pre-recorded sound assigned to that key when pressed.

The earlier MKI, and MKII models contained two side-by-side keyboards with 18 selectable sets of specially-recorded sounds on the right keyboard such as strings, flutes, and brass instruments which were called “lead”, or “instrument” sounds, and pre-recorded accompaniment music (in various styles) on the left keyboard.

The tape banks for the later, and lighter M400 models contain three selectable sounds (per changeable taperack) such as strings, cello, and the famous eight-voice choir. The sound on each individual tape piece is recorded at the specific pitch of the key that it was assigned to.

And, you can buy one, here (no commission due!).

And, you can see how a mellotron works, here.


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Updated: January 2018

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