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How a Boston condo buyer was inspired by the movie Lawrence of Arabia

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How a Boston condo buyer was inspired by the movie Lawrence of Arabia

I would like to tell you a story about a discouraged Boston condo buyer, and how I provided encouragement to him by telling him about the story of Lawrence of Arabia.

The story of Lawrence of Arabia

As you may know, Peter O’Toole’s character in the movie was based on the life of T.E Lawrence, a British military officer and expert in Arab affairs during the early 1900s, when Britain’s rival, the Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled Arabia.

Lawrence realized that the only way to expel the Turks from the region was uniting the Arab tribes against them. Lawrence, as the representative of another foreign empire was considered suspect. Nevertheless, Lawrence believed that if he could convince the tribes of their power to achieve the impossible by acting together, they could beat the Turks.

Aqaba, was a heavily fortified port city at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula, was protected on the north by the seemingly impassable desert. Certain that they could never be attacked from the desert side, the Turks had fixed all their gun emplacements to face the Red Sea.

The Importance of Setting Goals

Lawrence’s plan was to do the impossible: march across the desert to surprise the Turks from the rear.  

And they did. Thus, accomplishing their goal.

Boston Condos for Sale and the Bottom Line

This magical tale of making one’s goals come true became the catalyst of my Boston condo buyers pursuit to become a Boston Beacon Hill condo owner.

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