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Well, this was awkward, one of my friends is turning the big 50, his wife wanted to know about my thoughts of having a surprise 50th Birthday party. Apparently she hasn’t been watching the news recently because we do have a little crisis here.

I tried to gingerly tell her, “you know how President Trump was expecting one million people at his rally, and” at that point, I was interrupted, by “where are you going with this…”  

To party or not, that is the question

I finally caved in and said okay I’ll help you with this party. Here is my idea …

My idea didn’t go over very well:

The video above is a scene from Mad Men, Don’s surprise birthday party at his lavish new Manhattan pad. Loose strands of witty banter all capped off by Don’s new wife Megan seducing him with a sexy rendition of the French pop tune “Zou Bisou Bisou.” Don’s feeling a little uncomfortable (and old), but the envy in the room is palpable; when Roger asks Jane, “Why don’t you sing like that?” Jane replies, “Why don’t you look like him?”

Of course, at our party, we’re all going to be wearing masks

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