My readers know that I like to write about real events (well most of the time). As a Boston Beacon Hill condo buyer or Beacon Hill apartment renter, I hear stories that I want to share this knowledge to help out our future clients, or just other people in general.

How Can I Rent Out My Beacon Hill Condo?

Boston Beacon Hill is fortunate to share part of our space with Suffolk University Over my years in Beacon Hill real estate, I have had the good fortune to help many parents make good real estate investments by purchasing a Boston condo for Sale for their son or daughter to live in while attending the school. When they graduate, they either stay in downtown Boston and obtain a good job and have a great place to live (and maybe start paying back some rent to Mom and Dad) or…they can sell it and see additional return on their investment.

Boston Beacon Hill Rentals

Another option is to turn the Beacon Hill condo into an investment property and rent it out. This, however, requires some planning! To lease a Beacon Hill condominium in almost every condo building in downtown Boston, you need to check with the building condo association that renters are permitted. When my clients (the parents) purchased their Boston condo for sale, we check to see if Boston renters are allowed, Because in many buildings, especially in Beacon Hill and Midtown

Can I Buy A Beacon Hill Condo and Rent It Immediately?

As we said above, you have to have to check with the building condo association. In reference to new Boston Midtown condos or Boston Seaport condos its imperative that you check with the developer or sales representative. As you may well know, Midtown and Boston Seaport District has new condominium construction going up almost everywhere in recent years. 

Can I Rent My Beacon Hill Condo for AirBnb?

No. Period.

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