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How do you define successful day?

What makes for a successful day?  If you’re like me, you might take a look at your calendar, figure out in your mind what you have to get done, and what you’d like to get done. Depending on how many things you tick off your mental list, you’ll do some calculation and determine whether that day was successful or not.

Yesterday, my day was destined to be tight, small windows existed in between various obligations that included showing a Beacon Hill apartment  and more importantly calling my mother and wish her a happy birthday, another one I missed because of Covid. I also signed up to get my vaccine, went grocery shopping.

In the pockets in between my travels, I hoped to squeeze in two conference calls (check), write this piece (in the works) and complete several  more important, outstanding, but not time critical work tasks.

Boston Real Estate Broker Squeezed for Time

I found myself frustrated by long waits, bad internet service, dropped calls and so on and so on.  Shoulders tightening, brows furrowing, squeezed, squeezed, squeezed.

By the late afternoon, I had resigned that I would not accomplish what I hoped and that my day – by my own measure – would be a failure. So I said screw it and grabbed a table outside at a local cafe, ordered a beer and surfed the internet at 4:00PM.

As I sat there I reflected on a column I had read earlier in the week, titled Read This if You’re Not Sure You Can Succeed as a Writer.   

In it, the author wrote, “Success as a writer is guaranteed if you do two things. 1. Write. 2. Define success as having written.”

The critical part of that truism is that you are the one who is defining how to measure success.  They are your metrics. Choosing to measure a day’s success by ticking off boxes can be a fool’s errand on any given day, but it was particularly so for me yesterday.  Success on this day was not about doing anything, but being present for my family and others

What I failed to note in this story is that my day began by waking up and gave my girlfriend  a big hug. I called my 80 year old mom and told her I loved her . And most importantly, I would be seeing my parents soon after a year (They live in NY)

By this count, a more important one no doubt, how could yesterday have been anything other than a successful one?

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