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With a lot of things in life, there is the easy way and there is the hard way.

The Easy Way to a Boston Condo Value Estimate

With Boston Beacon Hill condo value estimates the easy way is to visit a long list of websites providing you with computer generated values. Zillow and Redfin tend to be the top stops to get this quick and easy estimate.

The problem with quick and easy is often quality, as we all know. Computer generated estimates have no idea what the interior condition of any Beacon Hill home is. In Boston’s Beacon Hill we have a huge collection of old homes built as early as the 1700s. Many have searched for the oldest Beacon Hill home and believe it may have been build in the mid-1600s. Regardless, there are numerous of Boston Beacon Hill homes more than a two centuries old! Now, what is a computer going to do with that? When was the home last updated, 90 years ago, 50, 40, 20, 10, 2? Did the remodel or revitalization keep the original charm intact? A computer doesn’t know (at least not yet). These computer Boston Beacon Hill property value estimators are blind.

Further, these computers are primarily crunching sizes and square footage. They are not that much fancier than a simple calculator. In Boston we have , Victorian homes and more. The style of the square footage means everything. The computers home value estimators can’t tell if the Beacon Hill condo was renovated. Once again, I would argue that the Zillow Zestimate and others like it are simply blind. Now, if you live in Beacon Hill there are numerous different layouts even if the condos are in the same building, the computers can get close. They still won’t know what home is remodeled, who added central air, and if the buyer had purchased all the extra builder upgrades, etc.

The Hard Way to a Beacon HIll Home Value Estimate

Do it yourself. Someone might argue that this isn’t that difficult anymore with access to online data. There is some truth to that, but the reality is, the online data the public can access is incomplete. Beacon Hill real estate agents have access to all the data in RMLS (our local MLS) and information the public cannot access. Real estate agents can see how long it too each home to sell, they can see its full history (at least back decades), they can see old listing photos and track the difference over time, they can see home many times a home failed to sell, and most of all, it is easy for them to run comprehensive reports on the area using thousands upon thousands of different combination results to get the information they need. Further, real estate agents are in and out of houses all day long. Even if you attend most of the open houses in your neighborhood, many real estate agents are no longer holding open houses and some homes are sold by agents off the market altogether. Also, home owners tend to be biased. It is understandable, but more often than not a home owner is not able to be completely objective about their own home.

The Better Way to a Home Value Estimate

Use an experienced real estate agent in Boston Beacon Hill. I know that is what I have been leading up to in the article so far, but it is true. It is the middle way, it is not easy nor is it hard (for the professional). A good real estate agent will put in the time to create a comprehensive Boston Beacon Hill condo value report for you. Of course, while they will typically do this for free they are hoping to earn your business when it comes time to sell your Boston Beacon Hill condo for sale. If you are thinking about selling your home in the Boston metro area, even if you are thinking up to a year out, we’d love to do a home value estimate for you now. We can also give a projection, an estimate, of what the home value might be up to a year out.

Beacon Hill condos for sale

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