When I started my journey as a Boston condo real estate broker, I kept making the same huge mistake over and over again.

And you know what, you’re probably making it too.

The sad part about it is the mistake isn’t obvious. And it’s making your life as a Boston condo for sale buyer (or as an employee of a company) much more difficult.

This one little mistake is going to cost your thousands of dollars more on your next Boston condo for sale purchase

Can you guess what it is?

Well, it’s just one simple word.it will change your life for the better as a Boston condos for sale buyer


I was a people pleaser. I kept saying “yes.” Especially when it came to business.

The moment I stopped saying yes, things started to change. I started to make more money, my customers were happier, people stopped trying to walk all over me, and my team members were happier with me. In my earlier days, giving a percentage back to the Boston condo buyer was un heard of. Then came the internet.  I was told by my competition not to do this. Now I don’t care what my competition says.

I know what you are thinking… this sounds crazy, right? By telling people what they don’t want to hear everything miraculously gets better?

Sounds too good to be true…

Well, here’s how it works.

Why do you say “yes?”

Well, the reason you say yes is probably the same reason I also said yes.

You want to please people.

So you say yes to your sisters friend who is a broker in the burbs, even though you want to buy a Boston condo for sale in Beacon Hill. A friend of a friend in Weston is a real estate agent. So you say yes.What do they know about a Boston downtown condo?

And if you keep saying yes, believe it or not, it won’t make them happy. In fact, they don’t care.

Of course, there is a time and place to say yes to people, but not always. Sometimes people ask for things that are unrealistic.

A lot of the time it is asking for a drastic discount on your product or service… a discount that will make you lose money.

Or sometimes a boss may ask you to complete a task within a very tight deadline that you know isn’t possible.

Now think about it this way: when you say yes just to please people it will make things worse.

For example, when it comes to reducing the price or your service so much that you’ll lose money, it won’t motivate you to help out your client. And even more important, you won’t be able to spend the time and energy your client will need because you’re losing money.

This means that not only will you regret your decision, but they will be upset with you because of the poor performance.

There needs to be balance.Help my Boston condo buyers save money, but also make it lucrative enough that I can make money while also providing top notch service to my clients.

I think I made this balance.


How does this help with sales?

Have you ever heard the saying… “play hard to get.”

From a psychological standpoint, we have a higher perceived value for things that may be out of reach. In other words, saying no makes you seem more desirable because you are making yourself a bit more out of reach.

To give you an example of this, I was once in a meeting in New York where someone offered me a job.

It didn’t make sense for me to take the job as I have a business that I love. So I said no.

Their response was…

Well, you don’t even know what I am going to offer you… so just hear me out.

They then made me an offer.

I kindly responded with, I appreciate the offer, but I am still going to decline.

And you know what they said next?

They offered me more

I said no, but I offered to help find them someone for free who might be a good fit.

Long story short, they weren’t happy with my response and they offered me more of an annual base salary plus bonuses..

People will more likely work with you and pay your price if you hold your ground but also provide them with something.


Stop saying yes to everything. All it will do is make your life miserable.

I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

Over the next week, I want you to try something…

When someone asks you for something that is unreasonable, just say no. You should provide an explanation and potentially even provide an alternative solution.

What am I offering you today?

A form of a rebate.for buyers and sellers. How much all depends, location, price time and effort.

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John Ford