How to avoid Beacon Hill apartment rental scams


How do you avoid being scammed? Above all else, never be in so much a hurry to rent a Beacon Hill apartment that you are willing to take shortcuts. That is the reason 90% of victims get scammed. Follow the proper process:

a) Identify the apartment owner

Require that the landlord or realtor provide prof of ownership. A Boston real estate brokers should be able to do this through the local MLS.

b)  Never deal in cash with Beacon Hill apartments

Always leave a trail when you make payments by not paying cash. Decline and terminate your interest in the property when a landlord or realtor requests cash payment. Never pay cash, not even for tenant screening fees.

c)  Do a reverse Google search

If something about a listing does not add up, do a reverse Google image search of the listing to see if you will find a similar listing on other sites. If you do find it on another site, check if the details of the different listings match up.

D) Beware of Agents that Don’t have keys to the Apartment

Recently, I heard about a Boston apartment agent that advertised another agents listing on West Cedar St in Beacon Hill only to find out it was already rented. When the agents client showed up for the showing her agent had no keys and the unit was rented months ago.

Updated: Boston Real Estate Blog 2022

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