I’ve recently hears stories where the appraisal of your  Boston Beacon Hill or Boston Midtown condo has come in lower than expected, jeopardizing the deal, as buyer and seller will no longer see eye to eye concerning the sales price.

The Washington Post and their article “What to do when an appraisal comes in below the selling price” informs that there are a few things to consider as trying to help the appraiser appraise your home.

The tip would be to have your real estate professional or yourself meet with the appraiser in person to be able to give the highlights of the Beacon Hill condo and provide comps instead of just providing access to the unit. As we all know, appraisals are based on surrounding comps and most appraisals have already done their home work before heading out to your home but most of them are pleased and welcome your research as well.

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