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The people over at the Sellsius Real Estate blog are trying to generate interest in their site.

They’re running this contest, to see whether or not there are any bloggers out there that can post 100 entries, within just 24-hours.

Fun. And, not easy.

The highest number of entries I have ever done in one day was either 19 or 29, I forget. The only reason was because I had been on vacation for a week, and needed to catch up.

One of their blog’s 50 entries in one day was about how to generate interest in your blog.

They suggest running a contest.

Like, offering to pay a buyer’s mortgage loan payments, for a year, if the buyer went through you to purchase a home or condo.

Um, okay.

No doubt, that would generate interest, from buyers, from agents, from the press.

What do you think? Should I offer to pay a buyer’s mortgage loan payments for a year?

How about one month. If it’s interest only. And, under $100,000.

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Updated: January 2018

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