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I was told from one of my readers that the last few real estate blog posts were “too negative”, I plan to fix that today!

Lets talk about something positive, that all readers will find interesting. Making money and saving money in the Boston condo market for 2018.

In the most recent blog post at the discussion was about making money in the Boston condo market for 2018. the following are highlighted tips:

  • Boston real estate agents who are experienced and successful

    – these tend to be the ones who are most well connected and learn about deals before anyone else. these individuals posses the knowledge and skill of selling Boston luxury condos from past experience.

  • Boston real estate agent who are proficient in finance

    – if they can understand market trends and what is considered a bargain, you are more likely to make money. They’ll guide you and tell you what to do and what not to do. Once again, experience matters.

  • Boston real estate agents who won’t give you answers when they are unsure

    – if you push a real estate agent to give you an estimate on what someone is likely to sell a Boston luxury condo for or what a unit is worth, they will probably give you an uneducated answer. But if they tell you they need to do their homework and get back to you, you are working with someone who is smart.

  • Someone who is hungry

    – you don’t want a Boston real estate who just takes you to all of the open houses you are interested in. You want someone who will knock on doors and look for deals that aren’t on the market yet. And trust me, there is a ton of deals that aren’t on the market yet.


To read several more tips on how to make money in the Boston condo market 2018, view Boston luxury condos for sale website.


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