The question that I’ve been asked a lot lately is; “How are Beacon Hill condos being priced during this conronvirus outbreak?”

The answer varies from seller to seller. With that said, for a typical seller not under duress I would strongly recommend holding off for now. If you finances or other circumstances dictate that you must sell than I would strongly recommend what is called in the industry transparency pricing.

Transparency pricing means listing your condo at a price you’d take. There is LIMITED pool of buyers right now and the chances of multi-bids are probably slim. Best to list on the conservative price range.

To come up with your Beacon Hill condo list price you could do is view the past 3 months of Beacon Hill sales comps.  Upon viewing the average or median price per sq. ft., price your Beacon Hill condominium accordingly. I would recommend that you should look at the middle or lower end of the comp price per sq. ft. range. At least until the Boston real estate for sale market improves.

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