When you’re looking to buy downtown Boston real estate, you’ll want to gather as much information about a particular neighborhood as possible. The more you can learn about the neighborhood before search for Boston condos for sale, the higher the likelihood you’ll enjoy living there for longer.

We’ve put together a guide to help you research downtown Boston real estate neighborhoods. Here are a few ideas as to how to research a Boston neighborhood.

Read Neighborhood Newspapers (Websites)

The easiest first step would be to Boston neighborhood newspapers or websites and read the local neighborhood news.  They cover everything from types of homes and nearby shopping to schools and topography.


The next step would be to get someone else’s opinion. Google is great for this. Google the name of the neighborhood as well as many variations (neighborhood + homes, living in neighborhood, etc) and start reading. Remember to check dates for when each article or blog post was written and look for the more recent information. If you have questions, try contacting the authors.

Google Maps

Once you’ve identified the neighborhood and where it is, head over to Google Maps and start using it to explore the area. This is an easy way to find out what grocery stores, gyms, and other amenities are nearby. 

Research Schools

Schools should be a very important piece of your research, even if you don’t have kids. Historically, homes in better school districts have held their value better than homes in inferior school districts.

Research Crime Statistics

Check out information put out by the local police department and find out what types of crimes have occurred in the past several months. If you have questions or concerns, head into the police department and ask.

Post Questions on Online Forums

There are several online forums (Quora, Yahoo Answers, City-Data) where you can post questions. Ask readers why they like living in a neighborhood or any other specific questions you have. Or, search these forums and see what’s been written already.

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