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I am a real estate agent and broker. I feel the need to state that, because I think some people assume I just do this for kicks. Um, no.

The difference between an agent and a broker is a broker can open his or her own agency, while an agent has to work for someone else. A broker takes extra classes and passes a separate exam in order to qualify for the broker’s license. Plus you have to have been an active agent for at least one year.

Anyway, so I have my own company. Ford Realty Inc. Ugh. Boring. Plus, when I call to set up appointments with other agents, they ask for the name of my company, I tell them and they sort of chuckle and say, oh, how quaint. Guess it doesn’t sound successful or professional enough. Plus, as I get more successful, and bring on employees (mm-hmm) it might be better to be less egocentric.

So, what do you think? Should I pick a name that sounds big and impressive? Like Giant Real Estate, or something descriptive like Boston’s Bestest Real Estate, or should I stick with using my name (it worked for Mr Coldwell and Mr Banker).

Submit suggestions through the comments form below. Feel free to be snarky or helpful.

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Updated: January 2018

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