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This is a story of one of my clients told me about living in his high rise Boston condo.

Once upon a time, a mysterious threat plagued the downtown Boston area with the cryptic name, COVID-19. All of a sudden strange things began to happen in his Boston luxury high rise condo building.

First, the fitness center closed, sparking a brief revolt, starting with his wife, “Joe, she screamed, I’m going to get fat, DO SOMETHING, she demanded. Joe told her she needed to accept the mysterious growing threat with the cryptic name, COVID-19. Joe explained to her, “…even though I’m on the condo board, there’s nothing I can do, the gym area needs to remain closed.”

Joe didn’t know at the time, but more changes in his condo building were coming…

A week later, the comfy chairs and public furniture in the lobby disappeared. And elevator restrictions took effect — no more than two people. Joe’s wife was really upset, because she doesn’t like changes.

Oh NO! Joe’s wife couldn’t have any more girlfriend’s visiting her…

A day after that, more temporary rules: No social visitors. And a do-not-cross the blue tape line which appeared across the lobby floor, marking a “safe zone” for the front-desk staff. Joe’s wife was now at a boiling point, how was she going to be able to grab her takeout pizza order.

Then, on Monday, a final whammy, one that to this day is mindboggling, for the foreseeable future all must be confined to their individual units: No lingering in the hallways, the popular rooftop outdoor area with its sweeping postcard views of the Boston Common was off-limits.

Joe’s wife felt that this deadly coronavirus pandemic keeps tightening its stranglehold on her perks and personal liberties she has taken for granted. She needed to do something … contact Sean Hannity immediately … “This communistic government has gone too far” she screamed out.

Joe calmed her down…

Despite the new statewide lockdown orders, Joe explained, we have our gleaming hardwood floors and high ceilings, we can still enjoy sweeping views of the Boston Common and Back Bay skyline.

But Joe’s wife felt sequestered in her multi-million dollar condo. She told Joe; “I feel like I’m marooned on Carnival Cruise Line on the Boston Common.”

Joe explained to her, we need to rough it out, these are tough times for everyone. Joe went on to say “These bad times will pass, you can make it.”

Joe’s wife told Joe, “I guess other people have it worse than us.”  She finally accepted her plight by saying: “I guess we have to be patient and ride this through and stay in this condo a little longer”. Then while sitting in her comfy chair, she stretched out her arm proffering another glass of bubbly while snaking on her gourmet cuisine.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

These are tough time for my luxury condo buyers, please show sympathy.

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