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I guess I don’t get this.

From today’s Boston Globe:

Transportation Secretary Bernard Cohen plans Tuesday to ask the board of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority to extend Fast Lane discounts through June while seeking cost savings and legislative help to fund the program permanently.

… The discount, which without any action would end by April 1, saves thousands of commuters 25 cents off the $1 toll at the Allston-Brighton booths and 50 cents off the $3 tolls at the Sumner and Ted Williams tunnels.

I’m totally on-board with the idea that we should drop the tolls entirely on the Mass Turnpike.

Having said that, I don’t get why some people should be able to use part of the turnpike and tunnels for less than full price (don’t get me started on the East Boston and South Boston discounts …).

I have a Fast-Lane transponder, so it’s not about that.

But, people who have the transponders probably use the turnpike and tunnels more than anyone else – shouldn’t they have to pay for that privilege?

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