Donald Trump requests your attendance at his son’s seminar, “Trump Wealth Creation”.

Donald Jr. will teach you how to:

1. Find income producing properties the Trump way. 2. Slash capital gains tax to “0” when you sell real estate, stocks, or your business. 3. Lower your current tax bill up to 31%. 4. Negotiate the Trump way. 5. Protect 100% of your personal assets from all lawsuits, liens, levies, bankruptcy, or even a divorce. 6. Get government approved investments guaranteeing 9.6% to 32% return. 7. Learn the Trump way to cash in on the new trillion dollar booming foreclosure opportunity in 2007.

But, don’t bother attending. I can save you time and money. Here’s the tips Donald Jr. will teach you on how to get rich:

Lesson #1: Be born rich;
Lesson #2: Don’t piss off Dad;
Lesson #3: Spend less than Dad pays you, or ask for a raise;
Lesson #4: Cozy up to Mom(s), she sometimes keeps an extra couple of million in her dresser drawer;
Lesson #5: Tattle on Ivanka, being Dad’s favorite will pay-off.

Source: Don Trump Jr. Gets Pimped Out By Daddy – Gawker

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