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For three long decades, Judith Rodgers lived in a one-bedroom rent-stabilized apartment on West 86th Street. All around her, life moved on.

She first shared the space with a roommate, then assumed the lease and lived there with a husband, and finally remained … with three sons after she and her husband split.

Yes. Her three sons. The oldest is now 21, one is 17, one is 13.

Two of her sons sleep in bunk beds on one side of the living room; the other used to sleep on the other side, until he went off to college.

The family of four moved recently to more spacious digs, further north on the island of Manhattan.

The sons seem stunned by the change.

“It is almost overwhelming to have so much space,” Matthew said. In his bedroom, he has a keyboard, a drum set, three amplifiers, seven guitars, “and still room for people to sit down.”


Complete story: A Fixture No Longer – By Joyce Cohen, The New York Times

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