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I do think there is value to the Inman News feeds. I realize it looks bad when suddenly three or four pop up in the middle of the day.

However, if I somehow edited them so you only saw them if you went to a separate page, I don’t think anyone would.

Inman News has some great stories. You just need to wait for one that interests you, specifically.

Today, for example, there is one about renters insurance. That’s a good topic. Not necessarily important to homebuyers, this blog’s focus market, but interesting and helpful.

Also, the Q&A about who qualifies for mortgage loan relief, if you sell your home at a loss. This information is available, elsewhere, but you can read it here, or refer back to it.

The most helpful story was the one about being a condo owner and having your developer rent out the rest of the units because it couldn’t sell them on the open market. Very pertinent, in this day & age. It could happen here, in Boston. It’s happened here, in Boston, already. Yikes!

What I might do is put them at the bottom of each day’s posts, so that when you come into the office in the morning, you will see my first post of the day at the top, then the Inman News posts below it. (The feed comes in later in the day, but I can update the time when it does.) That way, when I add more posts, you won’t have to run through them all.

Inman News used to be a “must-read” for me, every day, back when Bob Bruss wrote for them. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge about real estate. He passed away, last fall. Inman hasn’t found a way to deal with the huge void he left behind. Once they regain their footing, you’ll appreciate the posts.

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