Real estate… gotta love it! As much as you think you know about it, you probably didn’t know these fun facts…

1. New York City’s Central Park has a land area of 843 acres with estimated value of $512,626,276,800.

Fact via Urbanful / Image via Google Earth

2. There’s an island in Alexandria Bay, NY called “Just Enough Room”. It has just enough room for a house and a tree.

Fact via When on earth / Image via Wikipedia

3. The landmark “Hollywood” sign originally read “Hollywoodland” and was constructed in 1923 as a publicity stunt to sell real estate.

Fact via KCET / Image via Wikimedia Commons

4. Donald Trump

Fact via Forbes / Image via Wikimedia Commons

5. Someone became an actual millionaire by selling virtual real estate in the online game ‘Second Life’.

Fact via Business Week / Image via Wikipedia

6. The Federal Government owns about 50% of the land in the Western U.S. and less than 5% in the Eastern half.

Fact via Ecowest / Image via Usplash

7. Half of all the privately owned land in Scotland is owned by 432 people.

Fact via Youtube / Image via Unsplash

8. Before appearing in his first movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger was already a self-made millionaire at 22 years old – thanks to his investments in real estate and bodybuilding equipment company.

Fact via The Richest / Image via Flickr

9. Times Square

Fact via The Guardian / Image via Wikipedia

10. Aspen, Colorado has such high real estate prices that in 2011, the cheapest listing was a $559,000 trailer.

Fact via The Week / Image via Flickr

11. Trinity Church

Fact via Wikipedia / Image via Wikipedia

12. Mall of America

Fact via Wikipedia / Image via Flickr
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