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Placing your Boston condo for sale this summer? Patience is the key word. In the Covid-19 era.

Are you thinking about selling your home, and want some quick ideas on how to spruce it up?  Here are 30 tips from HGTV:

If waiting isn’t your strong suit, we’ve got some ideas. Why not take advantage of so-so weather and slow buyer activity to make a few home improvements? According to recent research by Zillow, nearly a quarter of sellers who make improvements end up selling above list price, compared with 16 percent of sellers who don’t.

Most Boston downtown condo sellers are busy, but there are plenty of worthwhile projects that can be tackled in a weekend, with proven results for your pocketbook. For example, did you know that homes with dark-colored front doors sold for an average of $6,000 more? That’s what Zillow found when they looked at home sale data from the last ten years for 32,000 homes across the country.

Other than painting and cleaning (always the number one return on your time and money), here are some more DIY project ideas that could pay off big when you sell your Beacon Hill condo for sale

Do a thorough job of air-sealing.

One of the first bits of information buyers are going to hear from their home inspector is whether your Charles River Park condo needs to be air sealed. Most downtown Boston condo owners can do this job themselves in just a few hours by investing in some caulk and weather stripping

Tile the bathroom floor.

 According to Zillow, bathrooms 25 years old or more can benefit from a mid-range remodel, which will pay off for home owners to the tune of $1.71 in increased home value for every dollar spent. Replacing plumbed fixtures is a job best left to the pros, but homeowners can take on the tiling part of the project. A well tiled floor or even just a sink backsplash is both functional and beautiful — two things buyers love.

Facelift the fireplace.

The focal point of many Beacon Hill condos for sale is the fireplace. Consider a floor to ceiling surround or increase the mantel size

Smart high tech devices.

Smart home features are becoming more prevalent in Boston high rise condos and they’re great for home showings. Plus, you can take your gadgets with you when you move to your new home. Try a smart thermostat for the ability to turn down the A/C this summer an hour before the home showing — even if you’re out of town for the weekend. Smart light bulbs make every home showing perfect by allowing you to apply just the right amount and type of light to every corner of the home.

One-up your neighbors

Friendly competition is always healthy. If you’re selling your Beacon Hill home, it doesn’t hurt to take a walk around and see how it compares to others on your street. Does your front door entrance look a little dingy compared to the one next door? Not a bad idea to paint it. Many Beacon Hill home buyers won’t notice a slightly vacant flower box— unless your neighbor happens to have a lush and perfect plants in front of their Boston condo for sale. Make adjustments and have your home stand out from the pack.

Color inside the lines. 

Yes, home stagers and real estate agents usually recommend sticking to neutral shades when you repaint your home’s interior, but sometimes a little color can help. Zillow research backs us up once again — in fact, they found that in downtown Boston specifically, homes with blue kitchens sold for nearly 7% more than homes without. Another place they recommend adding color is in kids’ bedrooms. Just keep it light so that buyers can easily repaint in a shade they prefer.

Work on the kitchen cabinets

Most Boston Charles River Park condo sellers won’t get their money back from full kitchen remodels, but updating the look can go a long way. If you have older cabinets, spend a weekend removing the doors (you might leave some of them off for an open-shelf look). Repaint the rest of the cabinet doors and update the hardware before replacing.

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