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jetblue2There’s really no reason to NOT take JetBlue from Boston to New York City.

I took JetBlue last month, when I was going down to the Inman News Conference.

You can get to Logan fairly easily … or not.

* If you are in the Back Bay or South End, take the Orange Line from Back Bay station to the State Street stop, switch to the Blue Line, and take it out to the Airport stop. Yes, you have to then switch to a bus to get to the JetBlue terminal (Terminal C).

* If you are in the Back Bay or South End, take the commuter rail from Back Bay station (it’s free – really) to South Station, switch to the Silver Line (ugh), and take it out to the airport. You don’t have to change lines; the bus takes you directly to Terminal C. (The downside is the Silver Line is pathetically slow.)

* If you’re rich, or just overslept, just jump into a cab. It’s going to cost you about $20 from the South End (if you don’t tip, at least …).

JetBlue has the best jets in service, right now, the new Brazilian-built Embarcaderios (Brazil is well-known for producing the best-built and highest quality jets in the world). These are sleek, smooth, and fast. These jets hold just 100 passengers.

JetBlue also flies Airbus 320’s, which they recently reconfigured by taking out two rows of seats, to give you even more leg-room. JetBlue always puts its passengers first!

When you get to New York City, you land at John F Kennedy International Airport, which is just 38 miles from downtown Manhattan. It’s easy to get where you want to go, though. It’s a brisk walk out of Terminal 6 to the AirTrain terminal, where you take a driver-less monorail tram to the nearby Jamaica subway/Long Island Railroad station. It costs just $5 to take the AirTrain. Once you get off the AirTrain, you have a choice – you can jump on the subway for $2.50, and get to Penn Station within 65 minutes, or you can hop on the Long Island Railroad, which will run you $5 or $7 (depending on whether it’s non-peak or peak) and be midtown within 35 minutes.

It costs as little as $50 each way to take JetBlue. Really. Plan three or four days ahead of time, because they raise the price as the plane fills up.

The alternative is to take Amtrak, which works very well, especially if you live in the South End or Back Bay. You can pick-up the train from the Back Bay Orange Line stop. The train will drop you at Penn Station, midtown Manhattan. A one-way Acela Express ticket will run you $104; the regular, slow train is somewhere in the $80 range.

Acela trains are nice and fast. About three and one-half hours, door-to-door. Midtown to midtown.

I’d take JetBlue, in the summer for sure, and in good weather. If it’s dead winter, or you want to spend more time on your computer and less time going through TSA, try Amtrak.

Actually, there are two other alternatives. Take LimoLiner, which is a luxury bus running out of Back Bay, at the Hilton. I think it’s around $75, each way. It drops you off at the Hilton Hotel, in midtown Manhattan. The bus ride is smooth, and they have wireless internet service online (and free movies). It’s a bit slower, depending on traffic – figure 4 1/2 hours.

Or, drive. Some people say you can get to Manhattan within three and 1/2 hours. I guess. I like to drive slow, in the left lane with my turn signal on, so it’s not for me.

Actually, there is one more alternative. Take Fung Wah.

Take JetBlue. It’s the best way to fly from Boston and New York City. Seriously.

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