Last week, while walking aimlessly around, as I often do, I was in Kendall Square. As a Radiant City lover, it’s one of the best places I’ve ever seen.

However, as the Globe discovered, it’s not perfect.

Kendall Square offers everything a growing biotech company could want: nearby academic brainpower, convenient public transportation and plenty of sparkling new lab space.

Everything, that is, except for much in the way of lunch spots, and places to shop.

But that could soon change. Thousands of square feet of retail space is slated to house restaurants, pharmacies, dry cleaners, and even a grocery store.

There is not much in the way of housing, in Kendall Square. There are properties around the periphery, such as One First and NorthPoint, and toward Central Square, but little else.

There is a brand new rental high-rise, however. It is called the Watermark Residences, a 23-story condo-style building, with terrific views of Cambridge and Boston, and on-site amenities such as fitness center, spa, and cafe. Parking, too.

The building is designed by Childs Bertman Tseckares Inc., the architects behind the nearby NorthPoint condo development.

Also, nearby, is the new “100” project (is that its real name?), at 100 Lansdowne Street, in University Park. A very sleek and attractive building, and very convenient.

Has anyone moved there, or know anyone who has?

The article also mentioned this, which I was glad to hear about. I thought this development had been canceled:

The nonprofit Constellation Center is designing a four-theater, state-of-the-art complex … on Kendall Street. The group’s president, Glenn KnicKrehm, predicted the theaters would draw up to 1.2 million customers a year. The $70 plus million theater will be located on a city block across the street from Genzyme Corp.’s headquarters, where MBTA access is convenient and parking options abundant.

The theaters, which will be able to accommodate 1,850 people, are designed to be in use almost around the clock for MIT lectures, biotech industry meetings, movies, and music and theater performances.

More information: Kendall Sq.’s retail face set for a makeover – By Kristen Green, The Boston Globe

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