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Do you live in a “hot” neighborhood? Are you sure?

What if you suddenly found out you lived in a completely different neighborhood? Would you be annoyed? Scared? Angry?

People say they live in the “South End” but, if they live on Mass Ave, or to the west of it, they are really in “Roxbury”, at least according to historical boundaries. The ZIP code for parts of the South End, closest to Back Bay, is 02116, and your mail will read “Boston”. The ZIP code for south of Tremont Street is 02118, and your mail will read “Roxbury”.

This can totally freak out people.

Freak them out so much that they sue.

This happened in New Jersey:

A three-judge state appeals court recently declared that a New Jersey couple may sue a real estate agency that allegedly incorrectly assured them their newly built, $740,000 house was in a particular community. Nobody disputes that the home is in Montville Township, New Jersey; the problem is, it’s not in the section called Montville, but in a neighboring community.

Of course, the whole thing is kind of silly, isn’t it? Your home is where it is, no name can change that. Plus, in Boston, at least, neighborhoods have no defined boundaries – it’s not like Roxbury has its own mayor or anything, right?

Source: New Jersey couple can sue over home’s location – Inman News

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Updated: January 2018

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