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The Times ran a story yesterday about a bunch of start-up airlines that target the business class traveler.

[A] new crop of airlines may offer a solution for second-home owners willing to shell out a couple of thousand dollars for a quick trip to their weekend getaway. There are now four all-business-class airlines operating primarily between New York and Paris or London, with some flights to London from Washington and Las Vegas as well.

While they all aim for the business flier, the airlines say they have attracted more leisure travelers than expected, with fares that often are far cheaper than normal business class.

Apparently, the start-ups offer better service and lower prices than the traditional, old-school airlines.

On the downside, they often fly into less popular or more remote airports, so travelers encounter additional transportation costs and longer travel times.

I love this part of the article:

Michel Berty, a retired technology executive whose home base is in the Hamptons, has already flown LaAvion six times. He and his wife own a pied-Ã -terre in Paris and a home in St. Tropez, and travel to France at least once a month.

“I pay $1,600 on LâAvion, whereas I would pay $6,000 at least on Air France,” he said. “Being retired, that counts.”

Yes, because when you only own THREE houses, you have to watch every penny!

Source: Friendlier Skies to a Home Abroad – By Susan Stellin, The New York Times

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