The recession is already difficult to live through, but it may also have everlasting effects.

Cemeteries are having trouble expanding because of the high cost of real estate and a drop in revenues as strapped families increasingly turn to cheaper cremations.

Communities struggling with budget deficits have also had to curtail spending on public cemeteries, which means many people may find their hometown cemeteries are full.

From the Banker & tradesman: “ ‘I know a lot of people living in Saugus would like to be buried in Saugus. But we’re also thinking about the schools,’ said Donald Wong, chairman of Saugus’ board of selectmen.

Wong said the town is thinking about creating new burial space on the same site as a new school. ”

BTW: A funeral service can cost more than $6,300, compared to about $3,000 for a cremation service. That doesn’t include the cost of a cemetery plot.

File Under: The Great Recession Lives On.