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I think many blog reader’s will have the same reaction that retired Wellesley College economic professor Karl Case had when he heard about the recent Massachusetts housing market sales data: “I’m suprised.”

According to MLS Property Information Network:

* Last month, 3,716 single-family homes sold in Massachusetts, compared to 2,833 for the same month last year – 31% increase.

* Prices also increased for single-family homes by 5% from $298,500, up from $285,000.

* The number of Massachusetts condos sold in May 1,610 up from 1,275 in May 2009, a 26% increase.

* In Boston, single-family home sales improved to 103 last month, up from 64 in May 2009.

* Boston condo sales also improvoved from 308 in May 2009 to 404 last month.

* Median Boston condo prices rose to $365,000 from $346,7500.

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