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Pretty much, Massachusetts’ population has stagnated at close to 6,400,000 residents, over the past couple of years.

Culprits? Some say a poor job market is to blame – according to the Boston Herald, overall, the state is still down 143,800 jobs, compared to 2001.

Others say people are moving away because of the high cost of housing in the Bay State.

Of course, many retirees are leaving the state for warmer (and cheaper) climates.

Massachusetts gained population for only two reasons:

The Census found that 49,528 more people moved out of Massachusetts than moved in from other states. But the state gained 30,285 from international migration. In addition, the state recorded 22,503 more births than deaths.

Source: State’s population growth on stagnant course – By Raj Mishra, The Boston Globe

Also: Census shows new arrivals from abroad preserving Mass. population – By Todd Wallack, Boston Business Journal

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