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So, I signed up for something called Meebo, which I had never heard of until reading about it a couple hours ago, on the Inman News blog, or somewhere.

In some ways, it’s a mega-IM site, where you can sign into multiple instant messaging services at the same time, through one “portal”, making it easier to manage multiple chats.

However, the real cool thing it can do is allow a visitor to a website, such as mine, to contact me, directly and privately.

As you can see, the Meebo box is in the middle column. If you send me a note, it comes through on my side (assuming I’m on) so we can have a private conversation.

Again, it is a private conversation. Although you enter your question or comment through this web page, it is private. No other visitor to my site can read what you are writing.

I added a pop-up version of it, so you can click on that and have a pop-up window open, allowing you to navigate away from my site, at any time.

You don’t have to have any IM service open at the time, so you can use it on any computer.

Each time you come to my site, you’ll get a new Meebo ID #. It doesn’t remember you from prior visits. (Keep that in mind and remind me who you are, if you come back later.)

I think it’s an excellent way to send me quick notes and questions (er, assuming I’m online). It’s anonymous, it’s fast, it’s non-intrusive.

Please feel free to use whenever you’d like; that’s the purpose.

Once I start getting garbage notes, however, I’ll probably tire of it, quickly.

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