Boston condos

Boston condos

Scott is sounding a very cautious note on the increasing calls for more so-called “micro units” in Boston.

The main reason for his reluctance to fully embrace them:

The whole $1,500 a month rents we are seeing for the first micro units has come close to souring me on the whole idea.

After all, we have seen this before. The whole loft concept is a perfect example of how something that was once affordable for struggling – and real artists – morphed into luxury housing for the well-off.

Particularly galling has been the lack of honest, forthright discussion on the obvious fact that $1,500 a month, and, in some cases $1,700, is hardly an affordable rent for a budding entrepreneur or recent grad.

Instead, most of the discussion and media coverage has centered around the hip and cool design of these tiny units.

Great, but it all rings pretty hollow at the $1,500 price point.

That’s a good point. But it’s not strong enough to oppose the building of no more than 190 of them in the city. That number is too small to really gauge how they might do.

Again, let’s find a compromise and perhaps double the number now planned for the city and see how they do. No need to rush into this by building thousands at once.

Updated 1st Q 2018

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