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Millennials gain a foothold in the Boston real estate for sale market

In the United States, there are over 72 million millennials. If you’re part of that generation and have thought about buying a home, you aren’t alone. According to Zonda98% of millennials want to become a homeowner at some point if they aren’t already. But why? There are plenty of reasons you may choose to become a homeowner. Here’s why other millennials have made that decision (see graph below):

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This graph shows why millennials are buying homes according to Zonda’s 6th annual millennial survey. The top reasons include building equity, a change in life stage, wanting stability, rising home values, and wanting to make somewhere truly their own. Here’s a look at each in more detail.

Building home equity –

Homeownership is a long-term investment that allows you to build wealth, increase your net worth, and become more financially stable. Beyond that, the alternative to owning a home is typically renting. With the way rents have risen so dramatically over time, it may make sense to build your own equity instead of the equity of the person you’re renting from.

A change in life stage –

As a millennial, you’re reaching your prime homebuying years. That means you may be at the point where you need more space or a different location.

change your life

Stability or settling down in a home –

This could mean establishing your career or just generally deciding more concretely what you want your life to look and feel like. As that idea becomes clearer, you may want to establish that lifestyle in a particular place and put down roots.

Importance of Stability in life - Make Me Better

Rising home values –

By purchasing a home, you own an asset that traditionally increases in value over time. That can mean your home will have a higher resale value if you decide to move again.

Moving On Up: Cities with the Greatest Home Value Surges in 2020

Wanting to make somewhere “mine” –

Owning a home gives a sense of freedom because you can customize it however you want, make updates as you see fit, and be yourself in a place that’s solely your own.

Buying a Home

Boston Condos Bottom Line

There are plenty of great reasons why millennials are buying homes today. If you’ve thought about becoming a homeowner and any of these reasons resonate with you too, let’s connect to explore your options.


Millennials that were slow to make the transition from renting a Boston apartment to owning a Boston condo are now making up for lost time.

This demographic has become a powerful force in the home buying market. The 66 million Millennials in the U.S. now range in age between 24 and 42, which puts them firmly in that “sweet spot” for homebuyers. In fact, Millennials are expected to form 25 million new households by 2025.

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Who are the fastest growing group of homebuyers?

Whether they are shopping for a first home, upgrade or relocation, Millennials are the fastest growing group of homebuyers. According to the National Association of REALTORS, Millennials represent 43 percent of all homebuyers.

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Boston condos for sale

What do Millennials expect in the home-buying process?

Millennials grew up in the Internet age, and they are accustomed to seamless, on-demand digital experiences. They use smartphones to order everything from a mocha latte to furniture, and increasingly, they are relying on mobile apps for a variety of important transactions, such as banking, financial planning and managing their healthcare.  Millennials bring those same expectations with them when it comes to that home-buying and home-closing experience.

This generation also demands transparency into transactions and instant communication. Serving the Millennial customer requires delivering information and an overall experience that is fast, convenient and frictionless.

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Boston condos for sale

What do Millennials expect with Boston condo closings?

Flexibility: When it comes to Boston condo closing, flexibility is the key. Millennials prefer to be fully remote with a remote online notary (RON) from the comfort of their home – not in a lawyers conference room.

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As they come of peak age for first-time homeownership, millennials are gaining an increasing share of today’s Boston real estate market.

Since 2016, millennials have comprised the largest share of home-purchase mortgage applications, rising even higher in 2020, when they made up more than half of overall applications, according to a recent CoreLogic report

Today, as the millennial generation approaches the peak age of first-time homeownership, their home purchases are soaring. Millennials’ share of home purchases grew an average of 2% to 4% per year between 2014 and 2019, rising from 33% to 47%. In 2020, that share grew to 54%, thanks to both natural growth and the pandemic’s impact, which included record-low mortgage rates and the flexibility of working remotely. 

CoreLogic found the share of millennial first-time homebuyer mortgage applications to be even higher, at 79% in 2020, up 5% from 2019. 

However, Apartment List’s 2021 Millennial Homeowners Report showed that although millennial homeownership rates rose sharply over the past five years, they continued to lag previous generations. At age 30, 42% of millennials owned homes, compared to 48% of Gen Xers and 51% of Baby Boomers. 

Homebuyer demand from millennials is likely to continue, as those under 30 have yet to become homeowners, while older millennials are at the stage of purchasing their next homes. CoreLogic found the share of millennial repeat buyer home-purchase applications was 35% in 2020, just 4% percent lower than Gen X.

Affordability is one of the biggest roadblocks facing millennials, especially following the pandemic, the Apartment List report found. 

More than three-quarters of those surveyed said they were waiting until they have the financial means or are married or committed to homeownership with a life partner before buying a home. Forty percent said the pandemic had a big effect on their plans, with 21% delaying a purchase due to partial or total income loss or a reduction of down-payment savings. 

Record-low interest rates have made it easier to finance a home with a good down payment, but many millennial renters can’t afford that upfront cost. The majority of those surveyed by Apartment List doesn’t have a down payment saved, despite future homebuying plans. According to the report, only 15% saved more than $10,000, less than what’s needed to cover a 20% down payment on a median-priced condo. 

There is declining optimism over the prospect of homeownership among millennial renters. In 2020, 18.2% of them said they planned to rent forever, up from 12.3% in 2019 and 10.7% in 2018, according to the report.

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