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Julius Caesar once observed that ”After 20 battles, a mule is still a mule.” Such pithy sayings made him a hit on the dinner-party circuit in downtown Rome, circa 70 B.C., but they often left his audience puzzling over what he actually meant. Sorry some of you had to wait over 2,000 years, but what he meant was this: Not everyone gains from experience.

This brings to mind some MA real estate brokers who, on the surface, seem to have in common many qualities of mules, with one exception, we actually do gain from experience (or at least, we’re are capable of it). But perhaps not these two real estate agents who took the following photos for their MLS listings:

Peeping Tom Realtor – 665 E 2nd St. Boston Ma.

Yum … those baked cookies on the stove look good next to that fly paper hanging from the light fixure.
flyproblem p
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