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Money and greed real estate tycoons

Money and greed real estate tycoons

A story about real estate developers:

I just started reading a new book called The Liar’s Ball: The extraordinary saga of how one building broke the worlds’ toughest real estate developers. It’s a story about the history of the General Motors building, and the back door deals of how some of the richest men in America tried to gain ownership of this property. If you have any interest in commercial real estate, I think you’ll find this book to be a fascinating read.

Earlier today as I was having my coffee watching Morning Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough was conducting an interview with the author of  Liar’s Ball, Vicky Ward. See the clip below.

Here is one review for the book Liar’s Ball:

The Liar’s Ball (Wiley; October 22, 2014) is the shocking exposé of how brilliant and audacious real estate tycoons lie, cheat, bluff, and bully their way into some of the world’s biggest deals. It is also the story of the iconic building so many of them chased like it was a glass and steel Holy Grail, and the extraordinarily charming yet crude hustler who grabbed that prize … and then let it slip through his fingers in a family drama that makes Shakespeare’s King Lear look like Father of the Year. In over 200 interviews, Vicky Ward got a rare look into the world of these vain and powerful men chasing their profits and schemes and dreams. They are brilliant, but they are also careless, unregulated, and dangerous. In this crowd, Donald J. Trump looks like a Boy Scout (and don’t worry, he’s not). At the center of this tale is Harry Macklowe, who bootstrapped his way to a billion-dollar empire with guile, charm, vision, and plenty of bluster … and came within days of going bust as his wife and son tried to wrest control of it away from him. It is a gripping drama that reads like a thriller

 More reviews on the book Liars Ball:

In The Liar’s Ball: The Extraordinary Saga of How One Building Broke the World’s Toughest Tycoons, New York Times bestselling author Vicky Ward rips back the curtain on this world to examine the soaring egos and boundless hunger of these buccaneers, men who might swap billion-dollar buildings over a round of golf and or draw up a deal on a cocktail napkin.

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