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New York had its Mitten Lady.

Boston has done her one better.

As mentioned here, in the Universal Hub, on the Subway Knitter blog, and, now, on, a local subway rider has created the invention of the year.


The Charlie Mitten.

They are just the cutest things. Easy to understand how they work, right? You put your Charlie Card in the pocket. Then, on a cold day, you just wave your hand against the turnstile, and, voila, you’re in! No frozen fingers for you.

The creator, Colleen Meagher, is a genius.

Now, she’s showing her generous spirit by offering up a pair of the mittens for charity.

Details on her site, but briefly:

Make a donation (via a PayPal link) to Rosie’s Place.

If you make a donation (of any amount) to Rosie’s Place via her PayPal link she’ll enter your name into a drawing for a pair of custom-made mittens.

You pick the color, give me your size, and she’ll do the knitting. The drawing begins today and will continue for one week: until Friday January 26th at 12:00pm EST.

People, do it!

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