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In case you’re following the issue, there was an article in today’s Globe about the Pine Street Inn’s plans to open a transitional housing facility on Upton Street, in Boston’s South End.

In meetings, Pine Street addressed the uptight Uptonites’ questions, and posted answers online. No sex offenders. No substance abusers. Mostly older residents. Some working.

All able to hold their lives together without constant supervision. One resident supervisor. Daily on-site case managers.

Pine Street officials would actually be reducing the number of residents in those buildings, from 60 addicts to 37 tenants. They say their 500 other tenants, in buildings across Boston and Brookline, have given their neighbors no trouble. Grateful for homes many thought they would never have, they keep to themselves.

Uptight Uptonites were still not happy.

Squeezing the homeless – By Yvonne Abraham, The Boston Globe

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