A reader was so kind as to leave this comment for me. I’m passing it on (even though I don’t appreciate the slam she gives me). Sounds interesting!

As of this writing there are 11 completed cohousing communities in Massachusetts and another 5 that are seeking sites or building.

You can find out more at the national web site: https://www.cohousing.org/
Below is a list of the aforementioned communities. The numbers refer to the number of units and acreage of the site.

Guess you Realtors better get with the program! You’ll be asked to sell more and more of these types of units in the future and every community is different.

Laura Fitch of Pioneer Valley cohousing leads a cohousing tour twice a year so sign up now in order to familiarize yourselves with this increasingly common housing type. Next tour is Saturday, May 19th, 2007 (8:15 AM – 4:15 PM). (See below for link to website, to sign up.)

Property Name — Location — # units / acreage — status

Alchemy Farm — East Falmouth — 13/16 — Completed

Alchemy Farm — Cape Cod — 13/16

Cambridge Cohousing — Cambridge — 41/1.5

Camelot Cohousing — Berlin — 65 — Own Site

Common Hearth Cohousing — Boston — Seeking Site

Cornerstone Village Cohousing — Cambridge — 32/1.3 — Completed

Eretz Hachaim — Sunderland — 25-30/70 — Own Site

Island Cohousing — West Tisbury — 16/30 — Completed

Jamaica Plain Cohousing — Boston — 30/0.9 — Completed

Merrimac Valley CoHousing — Amesbury — Forming

Mosaic Commons — Berlin — 34/65 — Building

New View Cohousing — Acton — 24/20 — Completed

Pathways CoHousing — Florence — 24/40 — Completed

Pine Street — Amherst — 10/7 — Completed

Pioneer Valley — North Amherst — 32/22 — Completed

Rocky Hill Cohousing — Northhampton — 28/28 — Completed

Source: The Cohousing Association of the United States

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