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Looking to buy a Boston condo? Your mortgage company may require that you write a “motivational letter.” WTF?

Excerpts from The New York Times on motivational letters:

When Linda Falcão applied for a mortgage from Wells Fargo, she didn’t realize she would be required to write the type of essay that’s more commonly included with a college application.

So she and her husband, Kemuel Ronis, were taken by surprise when Wells Fargo asked the couple, both 50, to pen a “motivational letter”…

You might find the link to the NY Times interesting:

You asked us to write you about our increase/decrease in family size. Well, my husband and I are 49 and practice rigorous birth control (thanks for asking!), but if I turn up pregnant, after I call my dead parents and the Easter bunny, you, Wells Fargo, will be next on my list to notify about the miracle baby!!

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