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What’s being measured?

Major US cities at risk for rodent infestation.

According to the Times:

In an 11-page research paper financed by the pest-control industry, the two men looked at 32 large American cities and concluded that New York is the city most at risk of rodent infestations …

The findings were based on 14 criteria, including population size and density, poverty rates, extent of port and transit facilities, and city spending on housing, sewers, trash management and utilities. The researchers also took into account climatic factors, like total rainfall and days of sunshine.

After New York, the cities considered most at risk for rodent problems were Houston, Boston, Louisville, Ky., Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Chicago, El Paso, Tex., and Milwaukee.

(Okay, I don’t even know what the purpose of this study is … I mean, it says Boston is at risk for rodent infestation, but doesn’t say whether it actually HAS rodents. Well, we know it has rats & mice (and termites and cockroaches), but is Boston’s problem worse than any other major US city? I don’t know. I really don’t.)

2007 Rodent Risk Report, The New York Times

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