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Moving to Massachusetts from the West Coast?

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Moving to Massachusetts from the West Coast?

If you are here’s some good news:

Massachusetts has been highly regarded as one of the most secure states in the US with regards to individual safety.

Utilizing the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) to research actions of violence perpetrated against people, a survey conducted by innerbody rated which states are the most and least hazardous. Massachusetts earned the number ____ in the ranking. nine

Each state was evaluated based on the amount of different offenses and the occurrence of each per 10,000 people. Every event was then adjusted by its specified importance. Murder cases constituted half of the total, kidnappings/abductions accounted for 11%, human trafficking violations equaled 11%, sexual violations measured 11% and assaults were 8%.

The analysis revealed that the bulk of the highest 10 states were in the Northeastern region, whilst five of those same places had a higher amount of criminal activity located in the Southern region.

New Jersey was identified as the most secure location nationwide, accompanied by Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maryland in the top five. New York, Maine and Idaho were in positions six, seven and eight respectively, with Hawaii placed in tenth place.

Nevada had the most crime, in second place was New Mexico, with Arkansas third, then Tennessee and finally Alaska completing the top five. Alabama, South Carolina, and North Dakota occupied the sixth, seventh, and eighth positions respectively, with Texas at ninth place and South Dakota trailing behind in tenth. the number ten


I usually get a few out-of-state clients every year. This year they are coming from the West coast, recently, I had one from Colorado and one from California.

My client from California loves the history of Boston’s Beacon Hill they didn’t even have to change jobs since they are currently working remotely and are near retirement age.

In the past, I also worked with clients from NYC. Were you aware that California and New York are the top two states that people have moved away from during the last two years?

Massachusetts is one of the leading states for many industries including higher education, technology, and some of the top hospitals in the country.

We have jobs and currently have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the US.

Eventually, more people will discover the joys of living in Massachusetts and it will help me sell more Boston condos for sale. Now is the time to move.

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