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When Cain killed Abel, God asked Cain: “Where is Abel your brother? Cain said, I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” From that day until now, the question posed by Cain has defined the challenge of what it means to live as a responsible adult. Cain posed the question to God in order to deny his guilt for the murder of his brother. God’s question already contained the answer. Since that day until this, humankind has frequently acted like Cain in a kind of corporate denial of the answer to Cain’s question. We are our brother’s keepers.

We are connected to one another in this place called earth. We are individuals with unique identities and free will. At the same time, we are also joined together by our common humanity that is imbued with intellect, introspection, and compassion. And so we have rights as individuals but also responsibilities as members of a wider community. 

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We’re linked like opposite sides of the same coin.

Boston Real Estate for Sale

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