My Boston roommate is insane

As a Boston condo landlord, you learn real quick not to judge. Yes, you can ask pertinent questions, but not too many questions.

There were these two young women that wanted to rent an apartment from me. They both worked at a restaurant. One was a bartender, the other was a waitress. This was a very typical situation for me.

One was in the middle of a divorce and the other was just looking for a place to live.

They showed up to tour the place and immediately handed me first month’s rent and a deposit in cash before I even asked what their names were… literally! I’m not making this up.

In my infinite wisdom, I thought they would be great tenants since they had all this cash.

See where this is going?

Over the next couple months they painted and fixed the place up. I always assumed they were a couple but evidently I found out they weren’t.

(Quick note: Possibly one of my worst personality traits is I feel this need to text people back. It’s a very bad trait when you have crazy tenants.)

One day, she starts texting me, incessantly complaining about her rommate

I was on a family -trip and she’s texting me over 100 times a day.

  • She’s loud at night.
  • She parties.
  • She stays up drinking.
  • And countless other details.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I told her to call the cops. I suggested she move out. I was fine with her doing anything other than texting me. She wouldn’t though. She just kept texting and texting.

FINALLY, she texted me this:

Her:  I think she’s even having sex with men for money.

Me: Really? How much does she charge?

She never texted back and moved out the next day.