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My last Beacon Hill apartment showing

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My last Beacon Hill apartment showing

The Problem With Being on Time

The only problem with being on time for my Beacon Hill apartment showings is that no one else is there to appreciate it.


Well, yesterday I conducted my first Beacon Hill apartment showing for 2024.

As I was waiting for my client, an elderly lady approached the entrance of the building with some bags. I opened the door for her and assisted her with her packages into the lobby.

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As we approached the elevator, she said “Thank you” and with a smile she said, “Don’t get old” I told her its too late for that I already miss my youth.”

She made a comment I’ll never forget, she said, “When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to your youth, remember Algebra.’

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Byline – John Ford Boston Beacon Hill Apartment Broker

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