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The Golden rule of doing onto others as you would have them do onto you even applies to downtown Boston real estate transactions. Buying or selling a Boston Seaport condo does not have to be contentious and will go much more smoothly if all parties follow the golden rule.  It really isn’t hard to do.  You might even be rewarded by making a friend or two.

Boston Real Estate and Telephone Edict

Telephones are pretty old school but people still use them.  Sometimes I have to use the phone because it is the only contact information that I have for a potential Boston condo for sale buyer or seller.

The little things like returning phone calls can make a big difference.  it doesn’t matter which party I represent I always do my very best to treat all parties the way I want to be treated and sometimes I work with buyers and sellers who not only follow the golden rule but actually show compassion and empathy for one another and it makes all the difference.

Contacting Boston Real Estate Brokers

Most of the Boston real estate agents I call either answer the phone or return my call or email but there are exceptions. This week there was an agent who will not return emails or phone calls.  We have had to figure out how to work around her to get the job done for our clients. I don’t know why some of these “big boy'” national real estate companies play these games, but some do.

Best Way to Contact a Ford Realty Broker

I use my cell phone more than my actual business number and there are times when I can not answer the phone especially when I am on it or when I am with a client.  Just leave a message and I’ll call back or send an email and I will answer it.  My goal is to get back to people within two hours and I structure my day around that idea.  Your call really is important to me because I am a sole proprietor.

Boston Real Estate and the Bottom Line

If you are interested in buying a Midtown high-rise condo or a traditional Beacon Hill condo for sale and can not reach the agent who is selling it there is an easy solution and that is to call another agent and just keep calling agents until someone answers.  Homebuyers who have a relationship with an agent before they start the home search have an advantage in that they have someone who will work with them and probably even answer the phone.

Home sellers who can not reach their agent should get another agent.  There are plenty of us and there isn’t any reason to work with an agent who will not communicate. By the way, did I tell you that can reach me 24/7 at 617-595-3712 best way is via text.

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