Have you ever noticed that all these Boston housing economist are more than 70% wrong on their real estate housing predictions? I have. So I came up with my own housing prediction theory, on what’s going to happen with our local Boston condo market in the next few years. It’s a very simple theory, no mathematical formula, no graphs or charts. Just one simple search….by using Google.

So if you were to Google Boston Real Estate 2011, the first result would be:

I also think that 2011 will also be a year of reconciliation.

I believe that instead of continuing to wait for an economic and real estate recovery, many Americans that have been hanging on will give up waiting and reconcile their own situations. Lots of people that had high expectations will “get real” in 2011. Some will finally sell their homes for less than expected, give them back to the banks or declare bankruptcy. Therefore, I will call 2011 “the year of confusion and reconciliation”.

If you were to Google Boston Real Estate predictions 2012, the first result would be:

Boston, MARank: 45
Home price forecast: -6.8%

If you were to Google…

Boston real estate predictions for 2013,
the first result would be:

According to the projections Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow gave to Inman News this week, we may not see a recovery in residential real estate until 2013. That is a 7 year dip from the highs in 2006 my friends.

Hmm… I don’t think I like my new Boston real estate Google theory prediction formula anymore.

File Under: Attention Boston real estate sellers, Google Boston real estate prices for 2025… it starts to improve.

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