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Faux intimacy

A still life painting in the 1800’s was supposed to capture a moment in time, something that would be a picture if only the camera had been invented.

Today, a professional Boston condo photographer displaying condo shots, or in the era of Covid-19, video of a property, isn’t supposed to simply be a snapshot in time. It has to add more value than that.

And a veggie burger is not simply a pale imitation of a meat burger. It can be something better.

Where am I going with this?

True connection is a frightening prospect. Whether it’s an old-time friend, or more relevantly with a new Beacon Hill apartment client.

When you are seen by someone else, really seen, it hurts even more if you’re ultimately rejected.

When we connect, we make promises, buy into a different future, engage with another, someone who might let us down (or we might let them down).

Far easier, of course, to do something more shallow.

A friend on social media is not like a friend in real life.

And so, we sit in our Man-Cave or Heel Haven?

Boston real estate

Boston real estate

Either way, browsing on our phone instead of connecting with the real person we’re thinking about. Why? Because the phone promises instant gratification, an exciting dopamine hit, and plenty of faux intimacy.

Which is great as far as it goes, but no, it’s not the same.




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