Do you think I can use Twitter as social media tool for Boston real estate? I hear people dismiss Twitter by saying, “I don’t care that u r having coffee @ Starbux.” With that part, I agree.

I don’t want to follow people who post useless information. Thus, in the next few days, I’m going to delete all the people I’m following, and start all over again. I’m only going to follow people who are out there pushing great content. I’ll follow people who post links to great articles, cool videos, web sites, SlideShare presentations. Then, when I log on to my Tweeter account, it’s kinda like I am scrolling through a table of contents to a great magazine, one that’s being published every minute.

Prior to this new revelation, when someone followed me, I use to (out of obligation) always follow back. But now, to keep my Twitter list interesting and “@ Starbux free”, I’m no longer going to do that. I’m telling you this because I may receive an increase in negative Boston Real Estate Blog comments – from the 629 people I’m going to delete, those I was “following” – on Twitter.

Yes, I may now have 629 new enemies. But that’s small potatoes compared to the 1,000,000 plus enemies I already have.

The truth is, I can’t keep up with the “tweets” of the 629 I’m following now. I think 100 is my tops. But my re-tweets will be more interesting, and I hope I’ll obtain information that will make this Boston real estate blog more interesting.

If you’d like to follow me on Twitter, I promise, I’ll provide interesting content, but be warned – it might not all be about Boston real estate. And I may not follow you back.

If you can find my Twitter icon, good luck. My web designer (Web Content Solution) secretly placed it somewhere in the middle column of this home page of the Boston Real Estate Blog. I would be very happy if you’d followed me, if you can find my Twitter icon.

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