While most of us in New England will be rooting to see the Patriots beat the LA Rams in today”s Super Bowl, many folks in the rest of the country will root for the Rams (“Patriot Envy”). We know that God does not have favorites, but as one Church sign in my neighborhood opined, the Pastor certainly does. The sign reads:

Go Pats!

Followed up by this email: This weekend’s mass schedule has changed on Sunday evening the regular 6pm mass will be at 5pm (with a shorter sermon) in not a surrender to our secular culture but an  accommodation to friends and families who enjoy getting together to socialize and cheer on our home town team. Delighted, as we are, with the whole team,it is a particular joy to know that Tom Brady is a practicing Catholic who regularly spends time to thank God for his blessings and nourish his soul at Sunday mass. What a great role model for aspiring athletes and all of us who need to keep our priorities straight!”

Historic Perspective

This year’s Super Bowl appearance is only the latest in a long string of outstanding achievements for the Brady, Belichick & Kraft dynasty. In the last 17 years, the Patriots have secured 15 division titles, made 12 AFC championship appearances, 7 Super Bowl appearances and 5 Super Bowl wins. No wonder the rest of the country is jealous! And no wonder the tee shirt business is booming with the message: “The Patriots Against Everyone Else.” 

Do your Job

“Do your job” has become a memorable phrase that coach Belichcik underscores to the contribution of each member of the team. While some players get all the ink, players know that each of them contributes to the overall success of the team. When a lineman misses his block and the quarterback gets sacked, everyone knows who to blame. But when the linemen do their job resulting in an end zone completion, the quarterback and receiver may get all the glory

Lessons Learned

As we get set for the big game, there are some important lessons to be gleaned from this outstanding organization and its dominance in  professional football for so long. The first one is about team spirit and the importance of working together to accomplish great things. Tom Brady, the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time)  would never be able to win a game if it were not for the offensive linemen who give him the time he needs to execute a play. Without someone who can catch a pass on the run, the prowess of the quarterback would make no difference. Football is a team sport and it should remind us that life is also a team sport. As a Boston real estate broker my team prides ourselves as working as team with our Buyers and Sellers regarding Boston condos for sale.

Second lesson learned:

Finally, while professional sports are fun to watch, we need to remind ourselves that sports teams are businesses. The Patriots, the Red Sox, the Bruins and the Celtics are in the entertainment business. No one should have a heart attack over a dropped pass, a fumble or a strikeout. It is always more fun to win than lose. But win or lose, we should be grateful for the great teams we have and the entertainment they provide. This weekend let’s all enjoy the Super Bowl and not take too seriously the people who think their ultimate happiness hangs in the balance.

God Bless you and The Patriots




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