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My views on the 1st week of 2023 of Boston condo market

A slow start for the 2023 Boston condo for sale market because the existing inventory is so picked over – and those sellers aren’t budging on price.  Instead, they are willing to wait…..and whether they realize it or not, they are waiting and hoping for new listings to hit the open market at prices that make their home/price look better.

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Boston condos for sale

It’s a big gamble in 2023.

Are the 2023 Boston condo sellers going to list their home for a price that’s higher than those that have been languishing for the last 2-3 months?  Or for less?  If they’re smart, they will list for less and not let it sit market for months.

Either your list price is selling your condominium, or it’s going to help sell the condo down the street.

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Boston condos for sale 2023

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